Smart Folding Light set up end to end to create a base and the foldable light is shaped into a circle design.
Smart Folding Light in the color maple shown in its compact form.
Smart Folding Light set up on its ends on a mirrored table set to the cozy light setting.
Smart Folding Light set on the cool light setting shown folding outwards with one end on a table and the other end held outwards by a person to show its foldable design.
Smart Folding Light set up on its ends on a table set to the cozy light setting.
Two Smart Folding Lights connected together with the magnetic ends laid out in a long light on a table.
Measurements of the Smart Folding Light. Each of the four long sides are 4 inches with the smaller 4 sides are 1.4 inches to create an octagonal design.

Ash Smart Folding Light

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The original folding light from WoodVenture is made from high-quality materials and offers a multitude of design options for customizable lighting with their foldable construction.

  • design allows for various individual shapes
  • magnetic ends allow you to combine several lights together 
  • 8 hour non-stop battery life with rechargeable USB port
  • 3 light options for cool, warm, or cozy atmosphere
  • its compact shape allows it to be carried safely and used wherever you want more light

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