About Us

Side Hustle Moto Black Hills was born from the minds of us, Shawna and Michael Prugh of the Prugh Design Company.  Our stories, well, we won't bore you with all the details, but over the decades of collective experience building award-winning motorcycles and products and creating lifelong connections with people in the motorcycle industry from all over the world, it became a lifelong dream of ours to open our own store that brought together things that we enjoy into your life. Our love of all things mechanical and cool, modern and sleek with purpose and function inspired us to step sideways and start something new.The result is a unique collection of goods and hand-built motorcycles fueled by our lifestyles and experiences. 

 At Side Hustle Moto and Prugh Design  we try to find the good in everything, inspiration from the people we meet, and the places we go. Our hope is to create a place where people with the same passion and love for motorcycles and adventure can come together to celebrate all things that make life worth living. We hope to meet up with you somewhere along the way.