Opt Outside


Living in the Black Hills, we try to find any opportunity to (as we like to call it) opt outside. Whether that be a long hike on one of the many trails, a day out on the lake, or if we’re feeling extra wild—having a beer out on the deck.


Having all this beautiful and rugged nature around us, it could be easy to take it for granted. I’m embarrassed to admit the number of times I’ve chosen a night on the couch in lieu of an afternoon spent in the hills. Or on a drive home, I’m thinking about how stupid the driver is in front of me instead of how amazing the canyon is. So in the effort to inspire others, and ourselves, to opt outside more  we have concocted a fun little game to keep our adventures spontaneous and exciting.

The only items we will need for this experiment are as follows: a list of the trailheads in our surrounding area and a dart. Maybe you can see where this idea is going. The goal is to hike whichever trail the dart hits. We might end up on a hike we’ve already been on before or perhaps we’ll explore a new trail. The possibilities are endless! We plan to document this little game here while also providing some insight into the trails as we work through them. Maybe you’ll be inspired to follow along at home and try it out for yourself. If you do, use #optoutsideblackhills on Instagram and show us where your dart takes you!

See you on the trails!



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