Just Like Riding a Bike…Right?

With the intention of finding a suitable instructor who could teach me the ways of the motorcycle, I tapped into the invaluable resources at my disposal. And by resources I mean my Cool Aunt™ who just so happens to be my boss ( Hi,Shawna if you’re reading this! You’re so amazing and awesome! I’m you’re favorite employee, right??)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! So Shawna has been in the motorcycle industry for 20 some years, which means of course she knows a thing or two about riding motorcycles and has longtime friends who might have a dirt bike laying around and a son who could teach me…pretty convenient if you ask me. It was like the Universe was saying, “get your ass on this bike and never look back!”

Was I a little freaked out it was coming together so quickly? Hell yeah I was! But was I also excited? HELL YEAH I WAS! I think that when you know something is going to change your life in all the best ways, a little mixture of fear and excitement lets you know you’re really living. And I think that’s the same feeling everyone is trying to chase either on a motorcycle, or pursuing a lifelong dream, or trying something new. 

So I had all the necessary elements in place: a bike and an instructor now I just needed the guts to get out there and start riding. It’s just like riding a bike…right??

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