Next Generation

Take the Class and Kick Some Ass
And so now we get to the fun part of this whole journey--time to actually get a motorcycle license. It's only taken me 3 years since I officially moved here to get up the nerve to actually take the Basic Rider Training Course offered in the area. I had heard so many people say that it was an awesome course, that you learned a ton, and the instructors were great. And now I can say the same thing.
Zero Ego
When I'm learning something new it is really important to me to just turn off the ego. The part of me that doesn't want to be embarrassed, especially when I don't know something that I assume is "obvious." Because that,...
Just Like Riding a Bike…Right?
“I think that when you know something is going to change your life in all the best ways, a little mixture of fear and excitement lets you know you’re really living. And I think that’s the same feeling everyone is trying to chase either on a motorcycle, or pursuing a lifelong dream, or trying something new.”
Yoda on a Dirt Bike
The first time I "rode" a motorcycle was the fall of 2019 and we were doing a photoshoot for the store. I use the word "rode" very loosely because, to be honest, it was me rolling forward and then very...
Next Generation
Join Sage as she learns the ways of the road. From dirt bikes to a license, see how she joins the next generation of motorcycle enthusiasts.