Yoda on a Dirt Bike

The first time I "rode" a motorcycle was the fall of 2019 and we were doing a photoshoot for the store. I use the word "rode" very loosely because, to be honest, it was me rolling forward and then very quickly getting dumped on my ass. Oh yeah, and did I mention it was my aunt's new Triumph Thruxton? Yeah...whoops. To be fair, she was totally chill about it (we don't call her the Cool Aunt™ for nothing!) Though mentally she was probably cussing me out, but it could have be way worse, right? I could have driven straight into oncoming traffic and have been run over by a Subaru---so embarrassing. 

After that first ride, despite how unsuccessful it was, it only made me want to get my license even more. I told myself that, "if I was going to be selling motorcycle gear and clothing it only made sense I should know how to ride too!" I wanted to know all the ins and outs and learn the lingo that everyone else seemed to know as a second language.

Everyone was telling me that the best way to learn was on a dirt bike. I could get knocked around, tip the bike, whatever and get a feeling for how it should feel. Well I'd already been knocked down once and I got back up looking for more now I just needed to find a dirt bike and someone to teach me. I was Luke Skywalker on the hunt for his Yoda...great now all I'm picturing is Yoda on a dirt bike and now you are probably too. You're welcome. 

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