Buzzard’s Roost

Buzzard’s Roost

Length: 2.5

Location: Highway 44

Difficulty: Easy

 When we don’t necessarily want to commit to a full day of hiking—like you want to be active outside but you know you’ve got some shit to do at home and some errands to run. Or you’re hungover and need some fresh air—Buzzard’s Roost is the way to go.


A great trail for dogs and people of all skills levels who want to get their blood moving as there is an incline, but nothing too wild—this is of course subjective and you can make your own mind up about it; this is just a blog and not the be all end all hiking guide of the Black Hills…anyway…


Just off Highway 44, you’ll find Buzzard’s Roost which when you get to the end of the hike you see why it’s called that. Since 2021, the trail has been updated with new switchbacks since the old route was closed due to erosion. Better safe than sorry! We typically take the trail directly to the right and work our way up straight to the lookout point and then straight back down—I haven’t done the new updated trail (yet!) so we will keep you posted on that once we’ve done it. Like any trails in the Black Hills, best to bring a few layers with you if you’re making the hike in the winter and early spring months since temperatures can be quite a bit cooler than expected.


On the trail itself, there are gorgeous views of the forest stretching out for miles with tons of foliage and wildlife to take in. Buzzard’s Roost never disappoints. We suggest a predawn hike to watch the sunrise and bring a picnic to enjoy at the top. It is a popular hike on the weekends so be mindful of that if you’re wanting some alone time. If you’re hiking with kids and pets, be careful at the summit since the cliff is exposed.


Enjoy your new favorite trail! Huh…Maybe we are the be all end all hiking guide of the Black Hills…only time will tell.


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