Opt Outside

Spring Creek and Flume Trail Loop
This was one of my first hikes I did when I moved to the Rapid City area. Tucked back behind Sheridan Lake, this gem of trail definitely packs in the elements with sections to challenge and amaze you: wide creeks to cross on foot bridges, uphill climbs for scenic lake views, rugged trails that take you through aspen groves, and up rocky inclines that reward you with expansive views of the forest and cliff faces.
Buzzard’s Roost

 When we don’t necessarily want to commit to a full day of hiking—like you want to be active outside but you know you’ve got some shit to do at home and some errands to run. Or you’re hungover and need to get some fresh air—Buzzard’s Roost is the way to go.

Little Elk Creek
“Winter doesn’t mean pack up the hiking gear until spring when you live in western South Dakota like we do.”
Opt Outside
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