Spring Creek and Flume Trail Loop

Spring Creek and Flume Trail Loop

Length: 4.2 mi

Location: Highway 385 near Sheridan Lake

Difficulty: Moderate 

This was one of my first hikes I did when I moved to the Rapid City area. Tucked back behind Sheridan Lake, this gem of trail definitely packs in the elements with sections to challenge and amaze you: wide creeks to cross on foot bridges, uphill climbs for scenic lake views, rugged trails that take you through aspen groves, and up rocky inclines that reward you with expansive views of the forest and cliff faces.

To not be confused, there are two trails that occur in this loop and branch off into two distinct trails: the Centennial Trail which is what is locally considered the Spring Creek Trail and the Flume Trail. The Spring Creek trail is intercepted by the Flume trail at Sheridan Lake where you’ll journey up along the trails, ridges, tunnels and will loop back to the beginning of the Spring Creek Trail by following the trailhead marker 89. If  you’re confused by what you’re reading don’t worry—I’m confused trying to explain it. Let’s get lost together just remember to bring snacks!


I could go on about the amazing sights as there is always something new to find, but I should get into some important things to note about this trail: be wary of poison ivy on the first half of the hike. Depending on the season, it can get pretty wild on the first leg of the hike, but if you’re prepared with tall socks and/or pants you should be safe from this itchy fiend. Also, if you’re hiking with younger less agile people be mindful of the bridges as they are crossing a moderately sized creek, and the larger sections of shale rock can be a little more difficult to maneuver. Towards the end of the hike is The Tunnel which takes you a short distance, but has a lower ceiling so you taller folks better mind your heads!


 As you approach the end of the The Spring Creek trail there is a split in the path where you’ll take the left turn and make your way down hill back towards the parking lot. Congratulations! You did it! Now if you happen to find me lost on the trail it’s my own damn fault for giving bad directions…


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