A bandana with the image of a cream colored skull wearing an ivy crown on a brown and gold background. Two arrows are piercing the right eye. The skull is on the center of the bandana on a brown circular background. A border of cream colored roses on a brown background surround the skull in a square. At the corners of the border are two crossed bones. Small stems with leaves surround the border on a gold background.
A man with brown hair wearing the "Free Spirit" bandana over his mouth and nose.

"Free Spirit" Bandana

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  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified & Sustainably Sourced in India)
  • Measurement: 21’’ x 21"
  • The Artist: Sam Dunn (London, England)
  • The Charity: Parkinson's UK (parkinsons.org.uk)

Photo Cred: Bandits Bandanas