Tall, yellow, circular cooler. Two additional fitted trays float above the cooler to showcase each part of the cooler. The first lid is the bamboo serving tray, which is followed by the metal champagne tray. The cooler has three tall silver legs.
A tall, yellow, Homebird Enteraining Cooler sitting outside a tent with a bottle of white wine chilling in the champagne tray with two filled wine glasses sit on its metal lid.

Homebird Entertaining Cooler

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  • 16L insulated bowl chills wine all night long
  • Champagne tray for serving drinks and chopping board for food prep
  • Includes taller legs, Champagne Tray, Bamboo Chopping Board, insulated bowl, plug and bottle opener that magnetizes to the top of the bowl


  • Height: 82cm
  • Width: 44.5cm
  • Diameter: 44.5cm