Rechargeable Globe Lantern
Globe lantern shown turned on and hanging from a pitched tent.
Three globe lanterns turned on connected together and attached to a child’s kayak as they float behind in the water.
A globe lantern shown turned on and its adjustable legs turned downwards to set the light upright on a log.
Globe lantern shown turned off with legs connected and folded down in a compact style around the globe.
Closeup of the globe lantern’s power button and the four blue lights indicating a full charge.

Rechargeable Globe Lantern

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Hang it. Carry it. Use it as a table lantern.

Compact LED rechargeable globe lantern with multi-positional legs that can orient four different ways.

Extremely versatile. Waterproof and float-able makes it an excellent river or lake companion.

Runs for 25+ hours on low with a soft, warm light and 2-3 hours on the brightest light setting.

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